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Preventing Your TV From Tipping Over: A Guide

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we hear a crash coming from the living room, only to find out that our beloved flat screen TV has fallen over and shattered. Not only is it disheartening to see your expensive investment in pieces, but there is also a safety concern when it comes to TVs tipping over. So, how can you prevent this from happening? Read on for some tips to prevent TV tip over and keep it secure and upright.

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Anchoring the TV To The Wall

The best way to avoid your television tipping over is by mounting it onto the wall. This might sound intimidating, but there are plenty of do-it-yourself kits available online which make hanging a TV on the wall easy and straightforward. Once the mount is securely attached to the wall, you can attach your television to it with screws and washers—just make sure that everything is tightened as firmly as possible. Be sure to measure twice before drilling any holes in the wall!

Securely Placing The Television On A Stand To Prevent TV Tip Over

If you’d rather not hang your television on the wall, then placing it securely on a stand is another option. Make sure you buy an appropriate stand for your model of television; if the stand isn’t made specifically for that model, then there’s a risk of having an uneven surface which could cause instability and tipping over. Place your television in its designated spot on top of the stand and then use screws or straps to secure it into place—make sure everything is tight and firm! Lastly, check that all screws are tight once per month just in case they come loose from wear and tear.

Weighted Bases For Extra Stability

Some stands come with weighted bases which help add extra stability if placed on an uneven surface. You can also buy weighted bases separately if needed; simply attach them around the base of the stand legs for added support against movement or wobbling. If you have children or pets at home who like to play around near furniture (as most do!), a weighted base will offer extra protection against accidental bumping or dragging which may otherwise cause the entire thing to tip over.

Get Yourself a Tv Screen Protector

A friendship with your television may sound strange, but having a protective measure in place for it can save you a lot of headaches! A TV screen protector will safeguard your beloved device against any potential tipping calamities. Whether you’re dealing with extra rowdy pets, curious kids, or an energetic fitness routine, this simple step can help prevent a costly accident. As long as you’re providing a supportive friendship for your television, it has the best chance for a long life of faithful entertainment.

Having a flat screen tv topple over can be heartbreaking—not only because of the cost associated with replacing it, but also because of safety concerns related to televisions falling off their stands or mounts onto people below them. Following these guidelines will help keep your tv securely upright no matter what type of setup you decide on; whether you choose to mount it onto wall or simply place it on a stand, taking precautionary measures will ensure that both you and your tv remain safe!  At Metric Marketing, we are happy to help install any necessary mounts or stands so that your flat screen tv remains securely in place! Contact us today for details regarding our services!

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