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8 Simple Tips for Keeping Your TV Safe from Little Hands

As a parent, you want to make sure your home is safe and secure for your children. One area that often gets overlooked is the television in your living room. With all of the buttons, cords, and technology involved, it’s important to take some steps to childproof your TV. Here are eight simple tips to help keep your little ones safe while they enjoy their favorite shows.

Keep Remotes Out of Reach

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth repeating. Make sure that all remotes are out of reach of curious little hands—or better yet, put them in a drawer or cabinet when not in use. That way, you can avoid any accidental channel changes or volume bumps!

Cover Unused Ports

If there are any ports on the back of your TV (like HDMI ports) that are not being used, cover them up with electrical tape so that curious fingers don’t have access to them.

Mount the TV Securely

The best way to protect young children from pushing or pulling down the TV is by mounting it securely to a wall using heavy-duty brackets and screws. That way, you won’t have to worry about kids accidentally causing any damage or injury by handling the TV incorrectly.

Choose Your Cables Wisely

Look for cables with thicker insulation and flat cable connectors instead of round ones; this will reduce the risk of electrocution if a child puts something into one of those ports while it’s plugged in. Additionally, be sure to secure any exposed cables with zip ties or Velcro straps so that they won’t be easily accessed by children who might try to pull on them or chew on them.

Use Child-Proof Cases

For TVs with removable stands (like LCD TVs), consider using a tv protector. You can also use furniture straps for extra security if needed—just make sure there are no gaps between the strap and surface where small fingers could fit through!

Block Access To Buttons

Many televisions have power buttons located either on the side or along the bottom edge; these buttons should be blocked off with duct tape or safety covers so that kids can’t press them accidentally (which may cause permanent damage).

Set Parental Controls

Most smart TVs come with parental control settings which allow you to restrict what channels and content can be watched through your TV at certain times of day (or entirely). This is especially important if you have older kids who might want access to certain age-inappropriate material without permission!

Make Sure It’s Unplugged When Not In Use

Finally, make sure that when you’re not using the TV it’s unplugged from both its power source and any other external devices such as game consoles or Blu-ray players (so long as doing so won’t harm its functionality). This will prevent anyone from accidentally turning it on while you’re away from home and potentially causing an accident!

Childproofing your television isn’t rocket science but taking small steps like these can go a long way towards ensuring your family’s safety around electronics like TVs and gaming systems—not only now but also in years to come as newer technologies become available! By following these 8 simple tips for childproofing your television set today, you can rest assured knowing that little ones in your home will stay safe while watching their favorite shows tomorrow!

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